Bazar Kustannus

Bazar has a diverse publishing program including Finnish and translated fiction and nonfiction. We publish approximately 70 new titles annually. In addition to quality content, we pay much attention to the cover. There are several international bestselling authors on our list: Lucinda Riley, Yuval Noah Harari, Marie Kondo, Louise Penny, Jill Mansell, Victoria Hislop, John Williams, Paulo Coelho, Juha Vuorinen, Christian Rönnbacka and Mika ”Immu” Ilmén.

Bazar was established in Finland in 2002 as a part of Bazar Publishers, with publishing houses also in Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. In August 2019 Bazar was purchased by Werner Söderström Osakeyhtiö, the largest general publisher in Finland. Founded in 1878, WSOY is a household name in Finland as the publisher of great many classic Finnish authors.

In addition to Bazar, WSOY owns several publishing houses in Finland: WSOY, Tammi, Johnny Kniga,, Kosmos, Docendo and Minerva Kustannus. WSOY is part of Bonnier Books that incorporates a wide variety of publishing houses and book retailers/services across Northern Europe. Bonnier Books is currently present in Sweden, Finland, Denmark, Norway, Germany, Poland and the United Kingdom.

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Bazar Kustannus
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Publishing Manager (non-fiction)
Ilpo Jäppinen
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Publishing Manager (translated fiction)
Suvi Clarke
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